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Liability waiver: Hands On Thomas County (HOTC) is acting solely as a referral service for this activity. I acknowledge, for myself and any accompanying minors and participants, that my/our participation is completely voluntary and is being undertaken without promise or expectation of compensation. I, the above-signed, for myself, my heirs, and assigns hereby release and discharge HOTC, its affiliates, associates, and agents and any participating organizations, for any claims for damages or injury I/we may incur resulting from my/our participation in this voluntary community service event. I understand that my/our participation involves risk of injury and that illness may result directly or indirectly from my/our participation. I further state that I/we am in proper condition for participating in these events. I/we agree to abide by the rules established by HOTC and our partners relative to health and safety requirements. I/we accept full responsibility for the physical and mental well-being, risk of injury, and behavior of any minors or others who accompany us. I also give my permission to HOTC and its partners to reproduce any photographs or video taken during this activity.