Service Camp 2023 – Day 2

Day 2 of summer service camp was all about animals… animal welfare that is! Our morning discussion focused on how and why we help animals, and how they help us. We are lucky to have two organizations who recognize the importance of animals in our daily lives: Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary (and their sister organization South Georgia Spay & Neuter Clinic), and Thomasville Humane.

At Miss Kitty, we socialized and read books to the many makes and models of the cats currently residing there, learned about the importance of spaying and neutering animals to help control the animal population, toured the spay and neuter clinic which some found interesting (some found gross), took pictures with Miss Kitty’s adoptable cats, and helped clean some of the cat trees. We also met Bobby, the chunkiest, furriest, and most loving kitty ever.

After lunch at Cherokee Lake, it was off to our next stop – The Humane Society. Here, we made delicious (at least to dogs)  treats, washed the transport vehicles, installed new ceiling tiles in the facility, and everyone’s most favorite part – socialized with the many cats and dogs inside the shelter.

We are pretty sure each camper picked out their favorite cat or dog in the hopes of bringing one home (fingers crossed for more pet adoptions!). We are also pretty sure that no cat or dog was smuggled on the bus and taken home, but you might want to check their backpack.

Thank you to everyone who donated pet treats, food, litter, blankets, and toys. They were most appreciated by both organizations!

View pictures of our day below. You’ll also find pictures on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Special thanks to these Diamond Level & above Sponsors, The Thomasville Antiques Show Foundation, and all of our donors and sponsors for making volunteer programs and events like these possible.

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