Project Impact 2015 – Day 2 Animal Welfare

As one camper put it, “I spent the whole day petting dogs and cats. That’s a pretty great way to volunteer!” We are sure all the animals we interacted with today agreed.

Although that is basically what we did today, the experience went much deeper. Our theme for day 2 of Project Impact 2015 was Animal Welfare. Animals of all types play a big role in our every day lives – as service animals, work animals, agricultural stock, and as members of our families. They help us, and we help them.

We spent the morning at Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary socializing with the more than 200 cats and kitten in residence, awaiting permanent homes. That’s a lot of furry love! We also were able to tour the new Spay & Neuter Clinic which will help control the local animal population and in turn reduce the number of animals in need of homes. Some campers were even able to view a surgery in progress, and the recovery room.

We then met 3 pet therapy dogs and their handlers who volunteer their time at local senior centers, hospice, and at Archbold, bringing comfort and joy to clients, residents and patients. We learned what it takes to be a therapy dog (or pet – rabbits, cats, birds and horses can also participate) – training, temperment, and a love of people.

The afternoon was spent walking and socializing with both cats and dogs at the Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society, then making cat toys which will be donated to Miss Kitty.

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