National Volunteer Week – A Non-Profit Perspective

Throughout Thomas County there are over 300 agencies whose sole purpose is to improve the quality of life for Thomas County’s citizenry.

Day in and day out these organizations provide services that would not otherwise be available without their existence. These organizations are most often staffed by one or two people, but take on challenges that require the work of many.

Thomas county’s non-profit organizations set forth to tackle the issues of poverty, hunger, homelessness, insufficient housing, historic preservation, animal cruelty, child welfare, literacy, disaster relief, unemployment, domestic violence, and a multitude of other noble causes. However, most of these agencies count on one thing to accomplish their missions- Volunteers. This is where Hands On Thomas County steps in to help. “Volunteers are the heart and soul of a nonprofit organization. 95% of what the Red Cross does is led by volunteers. They are the ones who sacrifice time away from families and jobs to help those who are affected by disaster on a 24-7 basis,” says Terri Jenkins, Executive Director of the South Georgia chapter of the American Red Cross.

Beyond the physical assistance, community volunteers provide other benefits to area non-profits. One of the most important benefits of introducing volunteers to the issue a non-profit is tackling is that those volunteers then become advocates for that issue. Explains Brent Runyon, Executive Director of Thomasville Landmarks whose mission is to preserve and protect historic resources, “Working with volunteers from a broad spectrum of Thomasville organizations has enabled us to tell our story about why historic preservation matters. It enables people who don’t think of themselves as preservationists to take an active role in saving and improving an older home. When people are more aware of the places that define our community’s history, they are more likely to take an active interest in perpetuating its character.”

Having an informed and active citizenry makes it possible for Thomas County’s organizations to make great strides towards accomplishing their goals. On behalf of all the non-profit partners we work with, Hands On Thomas County would like to say THANK YOU for volunteering!

For a listing of some of the non-profit agencies in our community, click here.