First Day! – Impact Outreach 2021

Welcome to one of several summer 2021 Project Impact Outreach recaps from our Project Impact ROI intern. Project Impact ROI is an annual program designed to engage local high-school seniors and college-age students in community service, and expand our SHOTC youth summer programming and outreach. In return, the intern gains valuable leadership experience, credit hours (if applicable), and a monetary stipend. Know a student (18+) who would make a great intern candidate for Project Impact ROI? Click here for information.


My name is Olivia, and I’m the 2021 Hands On Thomas County Impact ROI intern! I am a graduate of Thomasville High School Scholars Academy and a sophomore at the University of Georgia. After graduating, I hope to work for a non-profit as a Financial Planner or Advisor. I am excited to be back in my home town this summer to benefit my community. Thanks for following along on my intern and volunteer adventures.


First Day! Best Day! Today was the (and my) first official day of Project Impact Outreach, a summer volunteer program for local youth organizations. Our service project this morning was Thomas County Rocks at MacIntyre Park with a group of 11-15 years old from Vashti’s Ventures and Connections.

So… Thomas County Rocks? What is that you may ask? Well, it is where we draw/write positive messages or images on 3-5 inch white river rocks. There were a total of 10 of us, and we knocked out at least 40 rocks. Each rock was special and unique (just like the volunteers that made them). Our ideas varied from a sea turtle to abstract art to uplifting quotes. Some of the quotes chosen were:
● Have a fantastic day!
● No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.
● Be the reason someone smiles.
● One person can do so much.
● You make a difference.

After we made all the rocks, we got to HIDE them. To be quite honest, that was probably the best part. We hid them all around MacIntyre Park, and the kids were going to hide some at The Vashti Center, as well. So if you are in either of those areas, make sure you are on the lookout! If you find one, post a picture online and tag us #handsonthomascounty #hotcpi2021. You can keep it or hide it somewhere else to brighten another person’s day!

Thomas County Rocks was a great first volunteer project because knowing that someone was going to stumble upon these positivity rocks made us smile (and hopefully the finder will too). It was a simple act of kindness but a powerful one at that.

THANK YOU to all of our sponsors, especially our Diamond Level (and above) Sponsors Ashley HomeStore, New Hire Solutions, Mr. & Mrs. Russell Chubb, Mr. & Mrs. Howell L. Ferguson, Ms. Diane W. Parker, and Dr. & Mrs. Philip C. Watt; as well as the Thomasville Antiques Show Foundation for making volunteer programs like these possible.