Pictures From HOTC Day 2016

It was a beautiful day in everyone’s neighborhood during the 13th Annual HOTC Day held on October 22. 1400 volunteers offered up their morning to 60+ different project sites across Thomas County. Although the participation of both non-profits and volunteers was impressive, this day is about more than just numbers. It is tabletop-signs-flyers-thank-you-2016bigger than just one person, one non-profit, one cause, one volunteer, a free t-shirt or lunch. This day is about coming together as neighbors and friends to do good as a whole, to improve our people and places, wherever there is a need. So whether volunteers on this day were feeding the hungry, picking up litter off our streets, beautifying a public or historic space, brightening someone’s day through crafts and conversation, or simply helping an understaffed non-profit complete tasks that they just didn’t have time to get around to on their own — we all ultimately benefit, as individuals and as a community. Thank you for doing your part!

A special thank you on behalf of our participating non-profit partners and community agencies: One Blood, MNW Boys & Girls Club, City of Boston, City of Thomasville, Crafts For A Cause, Douglass High School, Friends of Lost Creek Forest, Butterfly Garden, Glenn-Mor Nursing Home, Habitat For Humanity, Halcyon Home, Hands & Hearts For Horses, the Hebrew Cemetery, The Thomas County Historical Society, The Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society, Keep Thomas County Beautiful, Legacy Village, Downtown Main Street, City of Meigs, Metcalfe Heritage Society, Metcalfe Community Association, Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary, Nepenthic/Androcles Society, Oak Street Mission, Ronald McDonald House, Red Cross, Rescue Mission, Salvation Army, Second Harvest, Sunrise Community, Thomas County Board of Education, Thomas County Middle School, Thomasville Landmarks, TOSAC, United Way, The Vashti Center, Woodleaf, YMCA.

You will find pictures from HOTC Day below (we will keep posting pics as we receive them), as well as on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

A very special thank you to our Presenting Sponsor Ashley HomeStore, as well as all of our sponsors, donors and volunteers who make this day happen. You are the best!