HOTC Salutes Volunteers – Business Spotlight

Volunteering is a win-win for area non-profits and local businesses:

What do Thomas County’s bankers, insurance agents, medical professionals, shop owners, restaurateurs, technology specialists, and salespeople all have in common? They volunteer! Thomas County’s business community knows the value of giving back and that is one reason why Hands On Thomas County (HOTC), on behalf of the areas non-profits, would like to say, “Thank you”.


When businesses volunteer in their community, they create very real benefits that go beyond the good done in a single day of service. “In our experience, volunteering is a great way to contribute as a group to something that is greater than the group. Helping to improve our community allows us to not only give back, but allows us to receive a greater awareness of the everyday challenges facing our neighbors, all while building our morale and team camaraderie, both inside and outside of the office.” says Chris Quick, Human Resources Director at Senior Life Insurance Company.

Thomas County businesses are also a major contributing factor in the financial support that allow the 300 plus non-profits in Thomas County to continue to offer the services and programs that our community has come to depend. But, support often goes beyond finances. “I think it’s important for local businesses to put time, not just funds, back into the community.” Charlotte Mixon, Mortgage Lender at Thomasville National Bank observes “In order to thrive together, we all need to work together. Sometimes it takes seeing something with your eyes to really understand the need… often it’s just a helping hand.”

Over the past year, Thomasville’s businesses have lent that helping hand time and again, and area non-profits have used that help to further their missions in our community. Together non-profit and for profit businesses are advancing the quality of life in our area, and for that we say it again and again, “Thank you!”