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Our mission is to tend to the needs of the homeless Men and Women within the community by servicing & helping them until they get to a point where they can do it for themselves. The main goal is to restore them and send them back into the community better. As of right now we need help giving out the Love Bags, (Drawstring bags with a variety of different snacks and hygiene items) we have them out to the homeless ! We could use help filling and passing them out, it would also help if we had eyes around the city to locate those who we haven’t serviced.. it’s hard to locate them sometimes. We also could use a lot of help with future fundraising! We plan to do a lot of fun things to bring the community together & could use some help !! There are also times where we give those under our care a hair salon experience! Where they can get a wash and cut ! It’s a lot of fun and we would really love the help !! Other than that the main thing we need is for the community to come together and spread the word about the work we’re doing ! So we can reach our goals ! We plan on opening a shelter soon but it’s a working progress!!! We need to work together Thomasville! :))

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6124 Hwy 319 south
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