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Through the Hands On Heroes awards, Hands On Thomas County wishes to acknowledge those special members of our community who donate their time, energy, and skills as volunteers to support non-profit agencies and others in Thomas County. Hands On Heroes make our community a better place for everyone!

Each year, HOTC will select three Hands On Heroes award winners, one each in the following categories, based on their volunteer/community service:

  • Student – Individuals in grades 6-12, residing or attending school in Thomas County, GA. In the student category, nominations may not be made by immediate family members.
  • Individual – Individuals 18+, residing or working in Thomas County, GA. In the individual category, paid employees of a non-profit agency may not be nominated for volunteer work completed as part of their paid position. If more than 3 individuals are nominated that are part of a larger group or organization, they may be merged and moved to the Group category.
  • Group – Businesses, civic clubs, or other organizations in Thomas County, GA. In the group category, non-profit agencies with paid staff may not be nominated, but their volunteers or volunteer groups may.

Up to three honorable mentions will be recognized in the Individual and Group categories; and up to 12 students will be recognized  at Cheers For Volunteers. All other nominees will receive a letter of appreciation. HOTC reserves the right to change or update nominations, awards, and program as warranted.

Requirements & Guidelines:

  • Nominations may be made by submitting an application form online. Nominations may be made by a local non-profit or community agency; school, club, or organization leader; or by a community member. HOTC reserves the right to move nominees to another category as warranted.
  • Applications must be submitted by the deadline, March 15, to be considered for current year.
  • Volunteer work considered for nomination may not be mandated by court or school; or must be above and beyond the minimum hours required by such mandate.
  • All volunteer work must occur in Thomas County, GA and/or benefit Thomas County non-profits, community agencies, people or places.
  • Nominees cannot have previously WON in a specified category in the last 5 years.
  • One winner in each category will receive an award and/or prizes at Cheers For Volunteers in April; student winner will receive a $500 scholarship through the Bobbie Flowers Quiet Leader Scholarship Fund. HOTC reserves the right to change or update nominations, awards, and program as warranted.
  • All nominees will be invited to attend the Cheers For Volunteers awards & reception held during Volunteer Week, and to participate in the Rose Parade. HOTC reserves the right to change or update nominations, awards, and program as warranted.
  • To be eligible, nominees must meet all rules/guidelines, and be located in Thomas County, GA. One cape per nomination, however additional capes may be purchased upon request.
  • Selection of winners and those recognized, as well as special categories deemed appropriate any given year, is totally at the discretion of, and will be decided by, a committee appointed by Hands On Thomas County. All decisions of the committee are final.
  • Nominations are capped at 100.
  • Any nominee that does not meet the requirements will be disqualified.