Healthy Living Initiatives

We cannot say it enough…

Volunteering is good for you – mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Volunteering is good for our community – a healthy and pleasing environment makes for happy citizens.

Volunteering is good for others – when you donate your time and skills to a local non-profit, community agency, or project site, you are improving, directly and indirectly, the health and well-being of local children, seniors, and families, now and future.

In partnership with Live Better Thomas County, HOTC has added new, or improved existing, volunteer projects to include ways of promoting and creating healthy habits that benefit everyone:

  • Tracking steps.
    Pedometer Project – For 2019-20, HOTC began distributing Live Better pedometers to all volunteers to exhibit the physical benefits of volunteering. Volunteers track and log their steps while volunteering at project sites. So far, volunteers have averaged over 4000 steps during a 2-3 hour volunteer period. That translates into approximately 2 miles per volunteer. We look forward to seeing the yearly totals! Need to log your steps? Click here.
  • Healthy food options.
    Manna Drops – In January 2019, HOTC began including fresh produce at all of our free food distributions. Along with boxes of food staples, recipients receive bags of produce (so far – sweet potatoes, apples, tomatoes or collards) along with a recipe card compliments of Live Better which provides nutritional information and a healthy cooking idea.
  • Vegetable seedlings.
    Pop Up Plants – With the help of Lowe’s, Nutra-Ag, and Bonnie Bell, volunteers pot vegetable seedlings (strawberries, collards, cabbage, and squash to date) which are then given to community agencies for their clients and/or community garden. To help promote sustainable food practices, growing and food preparation instructions are included, along with a positive and inspirational message. In October/November 2019, more than 500 seedlings were distributed.
  • Surprise smiles!
    Sidewalk Art – Using stencils, and “magic rain-away spray”, volunteers create surprise sidewalk art promoting positive mental messages and/or physical activity like hopscotch. Sometimes, we all need a little surprise word of kindness or fun to brighten our day and our mindset.
  • Planting roses.
    Improvement of Public Spaces – Working with community partners, volunteers beautify vacant lots and green spaces. Litter pick-ups, landscaping, painting and repairing buildings, and planting of new trees and plants are all ways to improve the way our community looks and feels.
  • Learning disc golf.
    Disc Golf In The Community – In 2009, HOTC installed a 12-hole disc golf course at MacIntyre Park to encourage simple, healthy, outdoor activity for all ages. We hope to make a new installment at Cassidy Pond Park in the near future!

Look for these and other healthy living initiatives designed to help all of us live better!