Ways To Give

There are many ways you can help.


Tool Drive.  Sometimes it takes more than two hands to get the job done.  Donate new or gently used tools to the cause that can be used at project sites.  Common tools needed:  Shovel, Rake, Hedge trimmer, Work gloves, Hammers, Limb saws, etc.  Email or call our office at 229-226-5200. Click here to view our Wish List.

Make an In-Kind Donation.  The more resources we receive and have on hand, the less we or another non-profit agency has to pay out, meaning more money and resources for more actual work!  Common resources needed:

Arts & craft supplies (markers, paper, crayons, paint, poster board, canvases), Water coolers, Water bottles, Snacks, First aid kits, Bug spray, Sunscreen, Printing, Catering, Office supplies (paper, toner, pens, folders, etc.), Tools, etc.  Email or call our office at 229-226-5200. Click here to view our Wish List.

Become A Sponsor.  Your sponsorship helps fund our annual volunteer programs and community service events.  There are many sponsorship opportunities and levels to choose from:

Make A Donation.  Although manpower is our main resource, the truth is, without the funds to coordinate, organize and implement, we cannot get the job done properly.  Your donation helps make it happen.  And by donating to HOTC, you give to multiple LOCAL causes and organizations needing community assistance.  Click here to donate online now. You can also give when you shop on Amazon.com!

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