HOTC Day 2017 GROUP Volunteer Profile Form

If you would like to sign up your business, organization or group for HOTC Day 2017 on October 21, please submit the Group Volunteer Profile Form (below). You may also print the form, and other important information, and send it in to us by clicking here.

If you sign up online, please be sure to print out the information packet here and begin volunteer registration using the enclosed Sign-up Sheets. Your designated Team Leader (or representative) must attend the Agency/Team Leader Meeting on October 12 at noon.

You will hear back from us as soon as we have confirmed an appropriate project site. Due to the high volume of volunteers, please be patient while we match you with a project site. Thank you for volunteering!

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Contact Name (required) Note: Contact person will be assigned as Team Leader at project site on HOTC Day unless otherwise noted.

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I have downloaded and printed the HOTC Day Group Volunteer Information Packet which contains a sign-up sheet and important details about the day.