Hands On Heroes

Hands On Heroes is an annual volunteer award program to recognize those special members of our community who donate their time, energy and skills to support local non-profits. These volunteer heroes help make this community a better place for everyone! Winners will receive awards and prizes.

To nominate a Hands On Hero, please fill out this short online application before March 15. View rules and more information here. Make it easy for us to choose your nominee — tell us a compelling story that explains what makes this person or group so special. Be descriptive and heartfelt!

Hands On Heroes Application

All fields must be completed in order to be considered. Incomplete forms cannot be processed. If you are missing some information, please type NA or Do Not Know.

Nominations may be made by a non-profit or community agency, school, teacher, church, club/organization or other community leader.

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STUDENT - youth in grades 6-12 who reside or attend school in Thomas CountyINDIVIDUAL - persons 18+ who reside or work in Thomas CountyGROUP - businesses, governmental agencies, clubs, churches or other organizations in Thomas County

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