Project Impact 2017 – Day 5 – Reaching Out

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Friday! Last day of service camp. It is always bittersweet. We are all exhausted from our week-long volunteer activities, so we are happy for the weekend to be here, but we are sad to see our new friends go. Our hope is that after this week of teamwork and camaraderie, we will come back together in fellowship and service in the future. This was definitely reinforced with today’s theme: Reaching Out.

This day was all about getting to know people in our community that we may not typically – to make new friends, share stories and smiles, and end on a truly positive note. Our morning was spent at Southern Pines, a senior living facility, where we made crafts to decorate their bulletin board calendars, made banners with positive images and sayings to hang on the residents’ doors, and helped a few residents get their gardens back under control. But all that activity was just an icebreaker with our ultimate goal to meet new people and brighten their day. We are pretty sure we were successful! And we are pretty sure that our campers felt the same. It is always heartwarming to hear even the youngest or most high-energy kids say that this was one of their favorite volunteer activities.

After lunch, and more rock hiding for Thomas County Rocks at Cherokee Lake, we headed to the Roll-A-Rink. However, this was not just fun time (although it was!), but more volunteer time. We invited a group from the Marguerite Neel Williams Boys & Girls Clubs to join us as our guests. Our campers’ job was to act as hosts and hostesses and show them a good time…which we did!

We would like to thank all the non-profits we visited this week for allowing us to serve, and all the parents and campers for helping to make it a great week! We hope to see all of you volunteering in the community again soon.

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