Project Impact – Day 3 – Environment/Community

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Day three of summer service camp – honestly, it wasn’t an easy one. We spent the majority of the day outdoors. It was hot and humid (thank you south Georgia summers). The tasks were physical. We are proud to say, we made it through, and we are ready for a new chance to do good tomorrow!

Our theme was the Environment and Our Community. We discussed the big picture of the environment – from air to water – and how its well-being affects our lives and future. We then whittled down to our very own little community – from citizens to structures – and how its well-being affects our immediate lives.

The day was spent at Birdsong Nature Center, a 500+ nature reserve on the Thomas County line. In the morning, we worked with other volunteers to remove invasive plants, ardisia and privet, which are found in abundance throughout our area (and even in our yards), but negatively affect the growth of native plants that benefit our native wildlife. We also climbed a beautiful magnolia tree and visited the Bird Window.

In the afternoon, we participated in Thomas County Rocks, a community-building event. We painted rocks with messages and positive images that will be hidden in various places around Thomas County (you’ll find quite a few at Birdsong!) for others to find. This simple activity is meant to unite fellow residents through a fun, inexpensive act that anyone of any age can participate in; encourage creativity; get people outdoors and into the community to hunt (and hide some themselves); and hopefully bring a smile to those that find one. Sometimes a simple act of kindness can change your whole day. A happy and involved citizenry makes a happy community!

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