Project Impact 2016 – Day 5 Reaching Out

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We made it through another great week of service! Parents and campers should be very proud of all the good work, learning and experiences that were gained during Project Impact.

Friday’s theme was Reaching Out. This is the simplest act of volunteer service one can perform, but often the most intimidating. It can be hard to put yourself out there…but someone has to do it!

We spent the morning at Legacy Village at Plantation Manor, a senior living facility – making memory quilts with the residents, washing the transport vehicles, and planting butterfly plants in the garden areas – but mostly making new friends, sharing stories and experiences, and gaining appreciation for those that we might not usually interact with. We learned that a smile and a simple conversation can brighten someone’s day (including our own!).

The afternoon was spent with a group from the Boys and Girls Club at the skating rink. Our campers acted as peer mentors – again making new friends, sharing fun experiences and smiles.

Although they enjoyed everything we did this week, we learned that this group of campers favors working with animals and people. Several of the kids pondered future careers as animal caretakers, field researchers, and social workers. All of our campers came away with a better understanding of how they can make a difference through volunteer service. We look forward to seeing each of them, and their families, volunteering again in the community.

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