Project Impact 2016 – Day 4 Adaptability

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We all face challenges in our lives that others may or may not be able to recognize, some more serious than others. Today’s theme, Adaptability, focused on how we adapt to these challenges. We all have abilities, some have disabilities. These challenges can make something more difficult, but not necessarily impossible. The two organizations we worked with today, help provide resources, training, and independence to individuals with physical and mental disabilities.

In the morning, we met with Lives Without Limits which helps people with physical or mental disabilities by providing access to outdoor recreation such as hunting and fishing, as well as special medical equipment. We met Chip, a puppy who is blind, but manages to be just as cute and active as any other puppy. Then we took turns in Empathy Awareness Training Stations centered on deafness, blindness, dyslexia and physical limitations, which allowed us to briefly experience and better understand what different disabilities and challenges may be like for those who face them daily. We also learned that many disabilities are not always immediately recognizable which makes it very important to always treat others with compassion and kindness — as you never know what another person is going through in their life.

In the afternoon, we visited Thomas Grady Service Center which helps individuals with physical or mental disabilities by teaching them skills that allow them to work and lead more independent lives. Our campers assisted these individuals with their daily work and crafts, had round-table discussions about the upcoming election year (yes, they did!), and enjoyed sno-cones as a treat. Many minds were opened by these new experiences, and many new friends were made.

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