Project Impact 2015 – Day 3 The Environment

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Be patient. Be flexible. Listen: 3 things we tell our campers are required of a good volunteer. Today, all 3 of these skills were tested!

Since today’s theme was The Environment, our expectation was we would be outside a good deal of the day at Cherokee Lake with Friends of Lost Creek Forest removing invasive plant species, and working in the butterfly garden; then at the County Landfill with Keep Thomas County Beautiful. Mother Nature had other ideas. Threats of stormy weather kept us indoors most of the day, but our campers adapted to our changing schedule like troopers!

Friends of Lost Creek Forest brought the invasive plants to us, teaching campers how to identify plants not native to our local area and why it was important to remove them. We also discussed the importance of pollinators like butterflies and bees, and why we should create a friendly environment to attract more of them. If your child decides to plant a flower garden or give your yard a makeover, we did our job!

We were unable to tour the County Landfill as the dirt roads were mud roads, but we did get a brief overview of the landfill on-site, then spent the afternoon re-purposing books into art with Keep Thomas County Beautiful.

Although our day didn’t necessarily go as planned with many hands-on physical volunteer activities, we learned a lot, which will hopefully be passed on to our friends and family. For many of our non-profits, education and awareness of their missions and causes is just as important a volunteer activity as any other physical tasks we may have performed.

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