Project Impact 2014 – Day 5

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Another amazing week down! We always start off the week with the hard stuff…get it done quickly (kinda’ like ripping off a bandaid)! By Wednesday, we’re all, frankly, a bit on the tired side from 3 days of physical, mostly outdoor volunteer work in the hot south Georgia summer sun. Thursday we ease up a bit. And by Friday, we’re ready to make some new friends and party…and we do in a sense!

Friday’s theme was Reaching Out. We spent the morning at Scott Senior Center – weeding the garden, cleaning the patios, organizing cabinets and the donation room, making Bible covers for the seniors who frequent the center – but mostly making new friends, hearing their amazing stories and experiences, and gaining appreciation for those that we might not usually socialize with.

The afternoon was spent with a group from the Boys and Girls Club at the skating rink. Our campers acted as peer mentors – again making new friends, and sharing fun experiences with a younger crowd.

It’s a great way to end the week of summer service camp – everyone feels good and proud…and rightly so! And there is nothing sweeter to our ears than hearing campers say, “I can’t wait to come back next year!” We look forward to it.

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