Project Impact 2014 – Day 2

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Our theme for day 2 of Project Impact 2014 – Animal Welfare. Animals of all types play a big role in our every day lives – as service animals, work animals, agricultural stock, and as members of our families. They help us, and we help them. Our entire day was spent at Dancing Cloud Farm Horse Rescue which does just what its name says. Campers worked hard at various farm chores (painting fences, moving hay, cleaning barns and  pens, washing trailers, collecting wood for burn piles, grooming horses), and got up close and personal with the menagerie of horses, chickens, guineas, goats, dogs, cats and donkey that live there.

Despite the long days, hot and humid south Georgia summer weather, and hard work (with even harder taskmasters!), we are proud to watch these kids test their skills and abilities, take initiative, and step up into leadership roles while on site, day after day (and it’s only day 2!). See more photos on our Facebook Page (and be sure to LIKE US!).


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