Students “Fall” into Volunteering

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As a young man we know likes to say, “Summer outta get a speeding ticket!” (For those of you in need of a punch line, “It goes too fast!”)…

Although technically, summer doesn’t end until September 21, once those school doors open, the fall season is officially here as far as we’re concerned. Students and parents alike have to say goodbye to the lazy days of summer and adapt to new schedules and school requirements. One of those requirements may be school-mandated community service.

Why is it important for youth to volunteer? Not only does volunteering provide manpower and assistance for our local non-profits, their missions and the people they serve; there are spiritual, mental and physical benefits. Youth who volunteer just one hour per week:

  •  are less likely to engage in destructive behavior;
  •  learn respect, confidence, compassion, and leadership skills;
  •  improve motor skills and stay active;
  •  and establish a commitment and responsibility for the community they live in, and the people who live in it.

As a result of these school requirements, HOTC has seen a significant increase in demand for youth volunteer opportunities. This past year, more than half of our volunteers were under the age of 16. We are thrilled to see more youth volunteering to better the community! But, there is not a day that goes by that we don’t receive a phone call from a parent frantically trying to figure out how their child can complete their community service hours. Student Hands On Thomas County (SHOTC) can help put these future leaders and caretakers to good use in the community now through age-appropriate, meaningful and productive service opportunities. To learn more, click here.