Project Impact Day 3 – Animal Welfare & Therapy

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Wednesday, day 3, half-way through our week of summer service camp! This morning we helped out at Hands & Hearts for Horses. The kids broke up into teams and tackled: shoveling manure; breaking down, moving and putting back together a large round horse pen; cleaning the barn and stalls; cleaning the classroom; raking the outside; shoveling piles of mulch; and scrubbing the horse trough. That’s a lot of work done in just 2 hours. We had mud spatters up to our knees, and hay and horsehair from the knees up. We also were able to watch a couple of riding therapy lessons in progress. In the afternoon, we went to the Humane Society where the kids practiced “social interaction” with some dogs and many cats. The Humane Society said that this was the most important activity that a volunteer could do at the shelter as it kept the animals calm and happy, and prepared them to be ready to interact with their adoptive families. There were a few tears shed that we couldn’t take them all home with us so don’t be surprised if your camper tries to get you to come back to adopt!

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