HOTC Salutes Volunteers – The Individuals

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When asked what makes Thomas County a great place to live, one can expect Thomas County residents to reply with a myriad of answers, but one common thread will be found among all those answers; it’s the people of Thomas County that make it special. Now entering its tenth year of operation, Hands On Thomas County has had the opportunity to witness the actions of Thomas County’s extraordinary citizens first hand as they come together year in and year out to make our community a better place to live by volunteering their time, energy and resources. And, for that we want to say, “Thank you.”

The volunteers in Thomas County serve countless hours to make sure that their neighbors are fed and sheltered; that children have school supplies and the nutrition necessary to succeed; that those animals that have been abandoned and forgotten know love and kindness; that our parks and natural areas remain pristine; that our historic landmarks are preserved; that our nation’s soldiers are appreciated; that our sick are cared for; and so many more efforts that we don’t know about, yet day in and day out are achieved without recognition, in the name of doing good for others.

Every individual in Thomas County can take pride in what they do for our community and our neighbors through volunteering. We don’t always have the opportunity to see the fruits of our efforts, but every one of us has within us the power to positively affect the lives of another, whether it is directly or from afar. Despite any troubles that may be facing us personally, each of us has something or someone to be thankful for. To be able to give back—even in a time of our own personal need—is perhaps one of the noblest goals of all.

In honor of National Volunteer Week, to all of our volunteers, from our hearts to yours, thank you for everything that you do every day. We are grateful for you and your efforts.